Circo HMB3056SH-19-S88 Front Brake Pads - S88 (18+ i30N)

Circo HMB3056SH-19-S88 Front Brake Pads - S88 (18+ i30N)

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Based off the Winmax W3, the Circo S88 provides better noise control for street driving but with tweaked temperature control to allow for higher braking temps on the track. The perfect pad for the daily driven weekend track weapon! Tested on the Street FX Hyundai i30N which competed in the 2018 World Time Attack Challenge.

Circo is the motorsport brand of Winmax, the popular Japanese-made performance brake pad.


Circo Racing Brake Pads are designed for the world of competition where absolute performance is the most important factor. The technology and quality of Circo Racing Brake Pads is absolutely top notch, manufactured 100% in Japan by Winmax Corp to strict specifications based on real world R&D in Internationl GT3, Nascar, WRC, Sportscar, Japanese GT, V8 Supercar and more. The Circo Racing Brake Pad range includes compounds suitable for all competition fields, from club level through to national and international level motorsport.

Brand: CIRCO
Compound designation: S88 
Friction: 0.3 - 0.35Mu
Temp: 0 - 550degC

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