Cowon AW2 2 Channel 32GB Wifi Full HD Auto Capsule Dashcam Blackbox Recorder

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Cowon has been a dashcam company that has stuck around ever since the existence of dashcams.  In its rise, there were many Korean dashcam companies competing.  Nowadays, we are seeing less and less of these companies.  In the industry, many companies have turned to copying designs and features of other manufacturers.  Cowon has kept their own uniqueness through the design of their flagship series, the Capsule.
The Cowon AW2 is basically the successor to the AW1.  Spec-wise, it shares much similarities, with notable improvements in different areas.  The most obvious improvement is that the Capsule AW2 is a dual-channel system.  It offers full 1080P recording at 30FPS on both front and rear cameras, and has many features that have become very popular and standard in the recent year.  There is the inclusion of WiFi, allowing you to stream and share videos using that method, as well as a special app made for the dashcam.  It has a dual-SD card slot, allowing you to have a different SD card for the front and rear camera, which is somewhat useful.
  • Full HD 1920x1080p rear and front cameras
  • 1/2.7 Inch True Full HD CMOS Sensor
  • Built-in WiFi and G-sensor (GPS Optional)
  • Parking mode
  • Viewing angle:  140 Degrees
  • Maximum Memory Card Inserted:  32GB (16GB Front/16GB Rear)
  • Operating temperature:  -20 C to 60 C
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