CUSTOM Licence Number Plate Sticker Decal - When Drill Holes are Not a Option

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These Custom made to order Licence Plate stickers are perfect for those times when you drill holes are not an option. The plate is supplied with plain black vinyl back and a separate reflective combination vinyl decal.  

The combination vinyl is not installed to the backing peice to allow ease of installation, combining the layers prior would ensure bubbles/ripples during the install.

These are perfect for exotic vehicles and will not damage paint/panels (may cause further damage to paint when applied of pre-existing paint damage)

The decal is REFLECTIVE meaning you can see it in the dark with headlights, just like a normal metal plate. you are still visible to speed and traffic cameras

Note you are responsible for ensuring the legality in your own state or territory, we do not condone use of these if deemed illegal in your state.

Plates are available in 3 standard Sizes:

  • Slimline: 360mm x 100mm
  • Standard: 370mm x 136mm
  • Flexi 2x2: 250mm x 100mm

As these are custom made to order plates, refunds/exchanges are not available, purchases are considered final, supplied combinations and states are to be 100% accurate at the time of order, once the item's production begins cancellation will not be possible.


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