Insane Epoxy 3D Metallic Black Badge for Nissan S13 180SX S14 S15 Silvia Nismo

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Vendor:Streetfx Graphics

SKU: AU-DECJDM-0309-1-1

Not Just a Sticker, This is a Gel Resin Filled Embossed Raised Plastic Badge

This Bade is not Metal and will not fit all Factory Locations

This badge will replace your boring NISSAN badge, with something a little more interesting:) INSANE text is METALLIC SILVER, and outer is BLACK. The badges are flexible domed so they can mould to the curve of your bonnet. Buy TWO of these to replace your front and rear badge on your Nissan.

Dimensions: 90mm Wide x 1.5mm (Raise)

Glue: Standard Sticker Glue Used for a more permanent solution we suggest using additional epoxy glue when applying.

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